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Although it is not a common form of cancer, Mesothelioma puts you and other people who spend most of their working hours indoors at risk of becoming diagnosed with it. This is because exposure to asbestos particles is a major cause of this cancer. Once you have been exposed to the chemicals found in asbestos, you are at great risk of developing this cancer in your body.

Although not widely discussed, it has been noted that many people such as office workers and maintenance personnel have become diagnosed with this cancer while at work. This has led to certain compensation lawsuits filed by these people against companies who have been irresponsible in maintaining the safety of its workers against the harmful effects of asbestos.

More commonly known as asbestos cancer, this type of cancer is known to attack the outer, and sometimes internal protective lining of certain vital organs. The organs that are most commonly affected are the lungs, but also cases have been recorded where the heart and stomach have been affected as well. Once you have been infected, this will greatly reduce the functionality of your respiratory and digestive system.

Common symptoms that you might experience if the cancerous cells have already started attacking your body are shortness of breath due to water in the lungs, chest pains and weight loss. It is recommended that you get the proper treatment in determining whether or not you have developed this cancer if ever you experience these symptoms, or have had direct exposure to asbestos dust. There are different medical procedures in diagnosing a patient such as a simple chest x-ray scan.

Having these kinds of symptoms could greatly affect your life, and extensive treatment is often needed to counterattack the spread of the cancerous cells. Patients usually have to go under treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Although these procedures do help a patient, the prognosis is notoriously known to be very poor.

Asbestos cancer is still considered by many as a new form of cancer, being that people have come in contact with asbestos just in the last century. Much research is still being done about how to detect this cancer in its early stages. Until more information is provided about this illness, the best way you can lower the chances of you being affected by it is to avoid coming in contact with asbestos as much as possible.

Because of the numerous million-dollar lawsuits filed by the attorneys of people who are living with work-related Mesothelioma, many companies have made it a point to provide their employees with safety measures especially with workers who are in danger of coming in close contact with asbestos.

Also, state legislatures have made laws that place hefty fines and severe punishments on companies and corporations who are liable in case a worker becomes diagnosed with this cancer because of certain work related activities. People who work directly with asbestos are given the proper safety equipment and provided with well compensated health care plans.
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Many people have died, or have had their lives altered forever because of this deadly disease. Although the situation looks quite better compared to decades ago, we must still avoid exposure to asbestos as much as possible.