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Well, it’s almost that time again, it’s almost flu season, and it’s almost upon us now in 2011. The kids are going back to school, and the temperatures will begin to drop off as the fall season comes into play. There have already been cases of West Nile virus and the mosquitoes are starting to breed, and we can expect challenges, and we can expect the public spokespeople of the CDC to be warning us on social media, and doing interviews in the mass media very soon. Let’s go ahead and discuss this for a moment.

We all know the message they will put forth. It’s time for us to vaccinate our kids before flu season, that these vaccinations are safe, and that we must do this, and give our kids flu shots to prevent an epidemic. Some flu seasons are quite intense, and others come and go without too much problem. Unfortunately it’s rather hard to predict, and so we just don’t know. A new strain could develop, and makes its way onto the North American continent, and spread through our population like wildfire. We know this to be a fact, we’ve dealt with it before, and it is the fear of the CDC disaster response teams.

Luckily, they do have a plan, and thanks to Google and other folks we have data streaming and in real-time as to the symptoms, and the penetration of the flu as it progresses through our country. Many people don’t understand how serious this is until it affects their family. Some folks are much more vulnerable to various strains especially if they haven’t been vaccinated, or their body doesn’t recognize the strain. Is my contention that you should know more about the flu and its real dangers.