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I have given you a lot of information and it can be confusing as to where to start and what to do. There are many directions you go in to work on your erectile issue. And what I’m about to suggest is just one direction. You can create your own plan using the information that I have given you here. But here is a summary of what has been said in this e-book.

If you have been having problems getting an erection for a few times this is not erectile dysfunction. For some reason you have lost confidence in producing a strong and hard erection and that should pass. But if it continues then, you can do some about it using this information.

The causes of impotence are varied but there are the areas that you need to work on:

-Bad habits that create cardiovascular disease
-Alkaline body for normal health and to eliminate illness
-Brain stimulus to improve your libido or sexual desire
-Blood circulation to improve the flow of blood to your penis
-Nitric oxide to promote hardness
-Nerve function to stimulate your sexual centers
-Hormonal balance to normalize your sexual secretions Bad Habits

I have listed which bad habits you need to change. These include smoking, using medical drugs, using over-the-counter remedies Sildenafil citrate Canada, drinking alcohol, and a few others. If you are not able make these changes then, this health program will not be as effective.

The reason you have hardness problems is because of the lifestyle you are living and if you want to improve your hardness then you need to make some drastic changes.

You don’t have to make these changes all of a sudden. You need to withdraw from them slowly by decreasing your dependence on them weekly and by reduce the quantity you use.

Alkaline Body

You need to change your body condition from acid to alkaline. Having an acid body is a major reason why some many people are sick with a variety of deadly diseases. You can recover your health by creating an alkaline body.

Next you need to follow the body cycles. The eating patterns suggested here are so that you can help your body eliminate toxins. These toxins make your body malfunction and keep your body acidic.

General Concepts

Androgens are defined by their ability to specifically bind to the androgen receptor. A number of androgens are present in men. Testosterone (T) is the dominant circulating androgen. It is synthesized primarily by the Leydig cells in the testis, with a small portion (5%) produced by the adrenals. The adrenals also produce dehydroepi­ androsterone (DHEA), and androstenedione.

In men, approximately 40–68% of T circulates in the bloodstream loosely bound to albumin, approximately 30–60% is bound tightly to sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG), and approximately 0.5–3% circulates unbound, termed free T. Bioavailable T consists of the free and albumin-bound fractions, since it appears that the tight binding of T to SHBG renders it biologically unavailable.

Testosterone’s effect may be direct, or mediated via local conversion to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) or estradiol. Testosterone is converted to DHT peripherally by the enzyme 5a-reductase, and to estradiol by the enzyme aromatase. Adrenal androgens may be converted to testosterone and to DHT in target tissues.

Androgens in Physiology and Pathophysiology of Erectile Dysfunction

In animals models there is strong evidence that the penile erectile response is androgen-dependent. Testosterone is directly involved in erectile physiology and pathophysiology, and may exert its effect on erection at various loci, including the central nervous system, peripheral nerves, penile vasculature, and structural components of the penis itself.

Testosterone in the Brain

There is evidence that testosterone may mediate the libido and erectile response via a central nervous mechanism. Androgen receptor-linked brain sites are present in the hypothalamus, pituitary gland and medial preoptic area (MPOA). In the lizard, used as a model for the primitive brain, castration eliminates the male sexual response, and direct implantation of T into the preoptic area and hypothalamus restored the full range of sexual behaviors, including mounting and successful erection, although circulating levels of T were undetectable. In the rat, direct electrical stimulation of MPOA induces an erection. Castration greatly attenuates this response, and testosterone substitution restores full erection with sildenafil citrate Australia.

The brain effect of androgens on the sexual response in men is demonstrated also by functional brain imaging. Men with TD showed decreased activation in regions of the brain that are typically activated in healthy controls and in androgendeficient men after testosterone replacement.

Curiously, erections associated with visual stimulation in men appear to be unaffected by TD, suggesting that these types of erections are largely androgenindependent.

Many men in this world suffer from erectile dysfunction called male impotence, even if you admit it or not. This problem can have a very negative impact on sexual life of a couple, causing even its collapse in the end. Therefore, it would be wise to learn some fundamental things about impotence. So the first question you should ask ourselves is related to the causes of impotence. Viagra online Australia – cheap erectile dysfunction sildenafil medications in Australia.

How do we get to face this problem very annoying called impotence?

First it is important to talk a little about erection. When a man is aroused, blood flow through the penis and causes it to rise (erection). And the blood shall be withdrawn from general circulation later, after orgasm ejaculation. Impotence refers to difficulty obtaining an erection.

One of the most important causes of impotence are some diseases. For example, it is known that diabetes can lead to impotence. The same stress, depression and anxiety. Even if a man really stressed has not the problem of impotence, there is a possibility of him experiencing premature ejaculation caused by stress. If a man suffers from impotence caused by stress, the best way to treat is to relax.

A man should not think of any date of job problems during sex. Sex should be calm, pleasant, relaxing. When we are in bed with our partners, we must not think of anything, just to feel good, to enjoy our privacy. Having sex with the job in mind will never have satisfactory results.

Apart from what I said above, some “bad” habits can also cause impotence. Smoking and excessive alcohol can cause erection problems, eventually leading to impotence. Sometimes, problems can only be temporary, as with alcoholics who go through periods of temporary impotence. However, these unhealthy habits may have long term harmful effects. You know very well that excessive alcohol can damage the liver and smoking can cause heart attacks. Therefore, it is advisable for men to give up these vices, though not yet threatened by the problem of impotence.

What do I remember of the above is that the best way to prevent the occurrence of impotence, is to have a healthy lifestyle. We must learn to live healthy, eat healthy and to take care of our lives. This can help to prevent diseases such as diabetes, and impotence default.

Although impotence is a widespread disease, the mere mention of the word impotence causing fear and panic in the hearts of many men, that is immediately associated with the lack of manhood, and most importantly a lack of understanding. Very often we wrongly ascribed impotence to a loss of sexual desire or other issues of masculinity, because the causes of impotence are very different as we have seen, and “pointing” the cause is a necessary thing to get fair treatment. Because impotence is a resounding word with a bad reputation, you really sent a message to all men and women, who must understand that impotence is a common condition, easily treated and often caused by a variety of factors.

– Natural supplements with aphrodisiac effect for improving sexual performance may be helpful in preventing or treating impotence because they increase potency and have beneficial effects in cases of sterility. Vital Man is a natural formula that has a good action on central nervous system, thus preventing psychogenic impotence; has aphrodisiac and energizing properties and may be beneficial in cases of infertility.

– Zinc is a mineral that maintains cell integrity and regulates metabolic processes. Mega Zinc can be used in prevention or treatment of impotence as it contributes to the development of cells, including those that lead to the synthesis of testosterone, intervenes in the development and maturation of reproductive system, in the normal functioning of the prostate and can treat some cases of infertility.

– Ginkgo biloba extract has beneficial effects in depression and anxiety and can be effective in treating impotence because it has the ability to improve peripheral circulation, inclusive in the penis, improving erection. Therefore, Protect 4Life is a very helpful supplement in erectile dysfunction.

– Korean Ginseng has many beneficial properties on the human body, including increasing appetite for life, prevents aging and sexual dysfunction in men and women, so Panax Ginseng is a good aphrodisiac that can be used successfully in preventing and treat impotence.